World Top Model, as event organizer, gives all contestants equal opportunity to participate, regardless of colour, race, creed or ethnic origin. It is also committed to carrying out selections in a fair and impartial way, without discrimination.

Rules for admission

Art. 1 All entrants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be between 14 and 26 years of age. Underage entrants must have parents’ or appointed guardian’s written and signed consent
  • Be at least 1,72 m tall
  • No size restrictions
  • Have a good posture and personality
  • Be photogenic
  • Have no beauty flaws
  • Marital status and children are irrelevant

Rules of the contest

Art.2 The organizer must comply with and inform all entrants of the following rules:

  • All entrants must sign up online and they must complete the online contest entry forms with the required information
  • All entrants must supply documented proof of age and must provide any necessary documents, as per Art.1, in order to be eligible to join the contest
  • Underage entrants must provide parents’ or appointed guardian’s signature and proof of identity to verify the above-mentioned consent
  • Entrants will be assigned a sequential number
  • Contestants will be selected by a Technical Jury and the results will be available on the website. Contestants who are not selected waive any rights to  claim to the organizers and/or their affiliates.

Art.3 The Technical Jury is appointed by World Top Model Organizer, Fiore Tondi.

Art.4 As eligibility requirement, entrants have to submit their resume and 3 photographs: a close-up, a full shot and a thigh shot.

Art.5 Only contestants who meet the requirements mentioned in the official rules are eligible to participate in the event.

Art.6 The Technical Jury is appointed by the organizer and its decision is final and binding.

Rules for contestants

Art.7 In order to be admitted to the contest, entrants must sign a copy of these contest rules. For underage contestants, it must also be signed by the parents or the appointed guardian.

Art.8 Finalists will have to be present at the contest location if and only if they will be summoned by the organizer and according to the instructions given.

Art.9 Finalists will be provided accommodation and food for the whole duration of the event. Travel and extra are only at the expense of the contestants. Parents, friends and relatives also have to cover their own travel, accommodation and food expenses. Besides, they will not be allowed to be with the finalists during the contest.

Art.10 Contestants are required to behave in a respectful and proper manner to other participants, the members of the Technical Jury, the press and all the employees involved in the event organization.

Art.11 During the event on penalty of unquestionable disqualification, contestants must:

  • Be available for the organizer and the Technical Jury
  • Grant permission to licensed photographers, TV and cinema operators to use their photographs or videos for promotional purposes, in perpetuity, without further compensation
  • Accept the following Contest Rules:
  • contestants should go back to the hotel they were assigned to at the end of the evening
  • they should not sleep anywhere but only in the hotel they were assigned to
  • they should not go to night clubs or to any other kinds of night entertainment places
  • behave with dignity and fairness, in an unbiased manner
  • avoid being photographed topless or in scanty clothing
  • Provide all the personal information required with the utmost accuracy. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize.
  • Avoid being photographed with trademarks and brand names that are not authorized by or involved in the organization
  • Not have any other commitments for the whole duration of the contest

Rules for winners

Art. 12 for the two years following the contest, winners should not accept any artistic or commercial commitment, without proper authorization.

Art. 13 failure to comply with any regulations set forth in the contest rules, on part of the winner, will result in forfeiture of the prize, which will be assigned to the second runner-up.

Awards and titles

Art. 14 the following titles and prizes will be assigned:

  • WTM Model Award 2013
  • WTM Style
  • WTM Fashion

The winner of the WTM – Model Award will be awarded modelling contracts and given the opportunity to enter the fashion industry.

Final provisions

Art. 15 all participants are subject to the contest rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification from the competition. Participation in the event implies acceptance and compliance with all the above mentioned rules.

Art. 16 by participating in this contest, entrants authorize the organizer to use their image on TV or other media to promote or advertise “WTM” contest, the protection of its artistic and professional image.

Art.17 the organizer reserves the right, if need be, to change the contest rules, in compliance with which is considered essential to the application. The court of Budapest has exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.