International Final: Budapest 2017

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Fiore Tondi con Claudia Schiffer & Valeria Mazza
World Top Model

Fiore Tondi con Nina Moric
World Top Model

Fiore Tondi con Brigitte Nielsen
World Top Model

Guido Dolci Presidente Major Model
Milan New York Paris Miami Munchen

It has been eighteen years since the first World Top Model was held in Zurich in 1990, and so much has changed in the World – but Fashion and Beauty has remained a central part of our lives. On its 27th edition, the World Top Model event has been held in over global capitals and has been hosted by such names as Claudia Schiffer, Valeria Mazza, Markus Schenkenberg, Grace Jones, Richard Clayderman, Zucchero, Marianne Faithfull, Brigitte Nielsen, and many others. In the past, the event has been organized in Milan, Zurich, Monte Carlo, Berlin, Palma de Mallorca, Rome, Zanzibar, Gothenburg, Lugano, Prague, Budapest, Courmayeur and now it is in Budapest. As San Remo does for music or Cannes for cinema, we wish to establish Budapest and the World Top Model contest as the most known competition in the modelling world. Once a year, the event selects a model that best represents the Values of the modelling and fashion industry. The objective of the event is to highlight the importance the Model plays in fashion industry, and in doing so pay homage to Beauty and to Fashion. This year we introduce the “World Top Model Award” Award of Merit in Beauty: a prize to be awarded to professionals that have performed an outstanding service to the Modelling profession and the Fashion industry – agencies, photographers, make-up artists, advertisers, hair stylists, fashion designers, media, etc. Many of the models that have won the WTM contest have had brilliant careers – they have been represented by the most important model agencies and have worked for the leading fashion brands and designers all over the world. The World Top Model event is recorded and broadcasted globally.

International Finals

Budapest 2017

Budapest 2017

Milan 2016

Milan 2016

Rome 2015

Rome 2015

Courmayeur 2014

Winner: Daniela Christiansson – Sweden

Budapest 2013

Winner: Luna Voce – Italy

Pictures of National Final: Italy 2017

Pictures of National Final: Dominican Republic 2017

Pictures of National Final: Croatia 2017

Pictures of National Final: Bolivia 2017

The VIP Jury is composed of internationally renowned personalities. The Event Jury is composed of a Technical Jury and a VIP Jury: the Technical Jury is composed of fashion industry professionals, model agencies, photographers, models, opinion leaders, journalists from all over the world, etc. Although they are all very busy, they find the time to answer our call to come to decide the winner.

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